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washer1.png, furnace

In this photo with the washing machine. We noticed the washing machine drain was being drained into the furnace condensation line and that will lead to major repairs to the furnace.


When inspecting a home we like to load test items such as your pluming components like this water softener you see in the photo. While running the water in multiple areas of the home we found out that the water softener tank had a leak and a large puddle of water formed around the base of the tank. Recommended further evaluation by a certified plumber for repair or replacement if needed.


The plumbing drain does not have a Trap, A trap should be installed to prevent sewer gas from entering the house! 


Septic inspection! checking the septic flow, visual inspection and checking the sludge depth to see if the septic tank is ready to be pumped or not. 

A city water line lead pipe to a house in Detroit. Lead can be removed from water through reverse osmosis, distillation, and activated carbon filtration when configured for lead reduction. Lead can also be removed by identifying and replacing all the pipes and plumbing fixtures in your home that contain lead.

“there is no safe level of lead exposure.” This stuff is just not good for you, especially for developing children and pregnant mothers

  Exposed electrical connectors are a shock hazard. This photo is under a deck where  exterior outlets have been installed for outdoor use. All added exterior outlets need to be GFCI protected for the users safety. In this photo the installer needed to add a junction box for when wires are added on to one another to extend the wire to an electrical outlet. (for example). A junction box is an electrical enclosure that houses one or more wiring connections. The box protects the connections, which usually contain vulnerable points such as wire splices, from environmental conditions and accidental contact  

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